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Quarantine Day 1: Birth of a New Blog

So, I have found myself questioning everything since the quarantine, as I am sure many have. I am questioning my life, passion, relationships and above all myself.

Now, I am sure many of you don’t know who I am at all.

So, let me introduce myself. I am Leslie– Jill of all trades, master of none. What this translates to is that I have passion ADD. I see something and I throw myself into it, but the fuse dies as quickly as it ignites. This is something that I absolutely LOATHE about myself. 

So- in short. I want to change myself for the better. I have a chance to fall back in love with life and myself. Why not take this opportunity to do so?

Over the course of the next few weeks as quarantine ensues, you can rest assured that your good ol’ manic friend Leslie will be here for you! I have a quarantine bucket list if you will. I finally have all the time to do what I want, so why not now?

Day 1: Head out for supplies.

So, I decided to go out to my neighborhood dollar tree because there is not a crowd and I can get my essential item: peroxide.

Of course I go in for one item that should in total cost me $1.06. That would be the best case scenerio…. That didn’t happen. So- anyways, after about 15 minutes and $46 and change later. Here I am with craft supplies, peroxide, sewing stuff, toothpaste and some food. So, I would deem these essential, because a girl has got to stay sane, right? Note: I did not touch anything that did not go in my basket and I had a cuuuuute mask, with some gloves. I was prepared.

Fast forward back to my house. Lets make some stuff. NO. I have to do laundry. Just do it at home and craft. Easy, peasy. Wrong. I don’t have a washing machine, I have to go to a laundromat. 

Awesome! SO- go to do laundry. I guess people wanted to have a social hour, because the laundromat was POPPIN. Guys, I just want to be at home crafting. That’s it.

So, I’m waiting for the laundry to be done and this man just pops up and says, “ Hey, baby do you need any drywall hung? Cause I gotchu” He then slides me his business card while cupping his dick. Winner, winner, chicken dinner. 

“Sir, I am good, but have a good night.” I accidently let the card fall to the floorboard of the car. At this point I am just wanting to run. I CAN’T. MY MFIN LAUNDRY IS IN THE DRYER. 10.MORE.MINUTES.

The man now starts to lean on my car. Look, I don’t care if there is a pandemic going on or not, I do not like people in my space. “Baby, we can cuddle sometime after I work on your house.”

Jesus. Look, I don’t get hit on. I am not that cute. In any case we are at a laundromat. What kind of romance are you going to find there? The washers just took everything to the next level. Dry me baby. I am shuddering thinking about it. “Sir, I would appreciate if you would back off. I really don’t want to give you the corona.”

He gave me a weird look, backed up and actively avoided me for the remainder of my time at the laundromat. Thank God.

I think he may have passed that along to a few other people, because I got a few odd looks when I went to retrieve my laundry… Social Distancing at its finest.

Fast forward a few hours, I got 5 baskets of laundry put away and I got my boyfriend’s closet organized.

By this time, I was too exhausted to craft. But, stay tuned for more ramblings.



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