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Quarantine Day…. 11?

Quarantine Day…. 11? I need a routine

At this point the days are seeming to run together. Not in a bad way, I have just set up my new routine. I am throwing everything I have into the website right now. I am just so… proud. 

TBH- whenever I started this 11 days ago. I thought  Oh, no big deal… i can just write a blog post every day and then get pretty and do crafts everyday.

Nope- to make it simple I am so lazy when it comes to getting ready when I don’t have somewhere to go. That in turn makes me feel like a potato and completely unproductive when it comes to creative stuff.

Now– cleaning is a whole other ball game. I have gone nuts. I am going through everything and realizing very quickly that I. AM. A. HOARDER. 

It’s all very useful stuff. If everything had a home, I wouldn’t consider it hoarding. I would consider it being prepared. 

Oof- there goes the hoarding in me again. 

So- just like I mentioned that I have ADD passion, I also have ADD cleaning. I start somewhere, see something out of place in a different area, go over to that area, forget that I made coffee, go over to the coffee machine, forgot to make the coffee, turn on the coffee, pull out the cell phone, scroll through pinterest, go get the coffee, forgot to make the coffee again, TURN IT ON this time, go back over to the area I was cleaning originally, clean it, go to the second area, kind of clean, remember coffee again, go to the coffee and the coffee is cold because you forgot about it.

That sort of cleaning takes about 2 hours or more of my time. 

Since I am holed up with myself for the next forever, I figured I might as well try to get on a routine and tell the 2 whole people that are reading.

SO- I thought, why don’t I try to do something new every day to my routine.

Tomorrows new thing: Wake up at a decent hour.

This may seem like a trivial task. Let me tell you I have an issue with sleep. I will sleep whenever/wherever.

So, I will update the interwebs tomorrow and let you know how that went.

Also, check out my two new post to my #diy and #fotd.

Stay tuned-



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