Quarantine DIY: Leather Earrings

Okay, So guys I freaking love these. I just bought a CRICUT not to long ago and I was tired of shopping online and not being able to find what I wanted. So– I decided since I was in quarantine I decided that I might as well make some! I found the cricut print on etsy. I only paid $1.49 for 16 different patterns. If you are interested in purchasing them you can go here.

So- what I did from here was get on Cricut Design Space, upload the photo, put my leather on there. Bing Bang Boom it was done with the cutting. I am not going to lie, I was completely shocked at how LITTLE time it took to cut.

Now the hard part- weeding out those tiny little sections. This part took me a good 45 min. However, I do need to mention I have NEVER attempted something like this.

After I got the sections weeded out, I threaded the brown and tan leather on a jump ring and stuck to an earring post.

VIOLA- an earring is born.

Thanks for looking!